Convergence No. 1

20" x 17.5"

Digital, with custom-made brush

Convergence No. 2

13.5" x 19"

Acrylic on cardboard, felt-tipped ink, and digital with custom-made brush

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Convergence was commissioned by a family member who asked me to paint something that captures the unexpected convergence of two people whose relationship seems, on the surface, contradictory. I was also asked to paint how I, both as an artist and sibling, view the subjects of the painting. The Ko'olau mountains of Hawai'i are an important element in both, speaking to my family's ancestral roots. My goal for the painting was to achieve a surreal and vibrant landscape, and a calm, joyful atmosphere, as well as to build layers of texture and interest so that viewers can discover more every time they engage with the painting. More emotion and elements than I could cohesively fit into one piece needed to be present in the painting, so I created a companion piece using traditional and digital methods, and a process where I allowed myself to make marks and textures intuitively.