A collection of button and sticker designs created for the Trans Care Package Project with Women for Political Change and Point of Pride. This project sent 50 care packages with these buttons and stickers, along with other art and self care products provided by partners and BIPOC community members, to trans and nonbinary youth in Minnesota.

"Support Trans Joy!"




Read more about the process behind these designs here!

In conceptualizing these designs, I wanted to use the lines, shapes, and typographic styles that come most naturally to me. I see each of these designs as culminations of all the doodles in my notebooks and worksheets as a student, from middle school when I discovered typography, all the way to when I completed my MSc in Inequalities and Social Science. Doodling typographic and geometric forms have always been a safe place, a focusing tool, and a way to process information for me. My doodles were created in the physical margins of a piece of notebook paper, ways of recording my existence as someone living in the systemic margins created by racism, ableism, queerphobia, and transphobia. These designs are evidence of my hope that I can share with other trans and nonbinary folks the joy and affirmation I experience creating art.